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Great Circle Consulting Inc. is a trailblazer in identifying existing and emerging security threats/risks and developing effective solutions through a tried and true consultative process. We protect our clients, their interest and their reputation, while providing insight and instilling confidence. Our team at Great Circle has a wealth of experience in policing, security, investigations, intelligence and training. We work closely with the public and private sectors. Our solutions are cost-effective and tailored to our clients needs.

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Offering a full range of security solutions across Canada

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Sam Ghadban, CPP


Sam Ghadban founded this independent consulting company after 26 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). His policing experiences have included General Duty (Patrol), Investigations (Detective), Major Crime (Homicide), Polygraph, Emergency Response Team (E.R.T./S.W.A.T.) Leader, Undercover Operations, Organized Crimes/Gangs and Interview/Interrogation Team. He left the RCMP as a Sergeant and Accredited Team Commander. Sam then entered the private sector where, as a Security Consultant, he successfully led a large security operation at a 20 billion dollar energy facility in northern Alberta.

Gaurav Mehta

Surveillance Specialist

Gaurav Mehta is a surveillance & security researcher who is passionate about solving problems, simplifying processes and protecting our clients interests. He comes with extensive experience in creating electronic surveillance systems which includes building, customizing and operating unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).


Canine Services Team

We offer full canine detection services specializing in narcotics and explosive detection. Our teams are fully certified by the Ministry of Justice, Security Industry Licensing Division, through the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Our teams possess extensive canine experience in the oil & gas industry.

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